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AR Archery

AR Archery

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High Quality Indoor Recurve Bow Archery

Sports Shooting Game Equipment

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Archery refers to take use of the elastic force of the bow to shoot the arrow, It is a competitive precision sport within a certain distance, known as archery sport Restore the national competition sport, with a collection system; you can see that the ring target vehicle can move when the target shoot: It is suitable for all ages of people, children can adjust the size by themselves. Save labor, people needn't go in to pull out arrows, the ring target vehicle can move to your front to pull out arrows by yourself, bring you very good experience.
AR Archery
10 meters
Chest Projector
Mixed carbon arrow
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JAMMA Amusement Technology is an international high-tech new entertainment company, established in 2009, located in Panyu, Guangzhou. The business includes R&D, production and sales of high-tech entertainment equipment and pan-entertainment business solutions. After years of independent development and innovation, JAMMA Amusement has successfully help our customer build up more than 300 sports entertainment center and family center

One-Stop VR/AR/MR
High-tech entertainment profit plan

Our AR Sports series products
include: AR football, AR basketball, AR tennis, AR badminton, AR golf, archery, bowling, etc. AR gyms are the latest hit. It integrates digital media technology into traditional sports, and will usher in a fast-growing dividend period in the national sports upsurge advocated by the state. We can provide customers with a full range of digital stadium design and operation solutions. At the same time, we can continuously output new content scenarios and game play for customers, and continuously optimize the experience

Our AR interactive projection game
include: AR ball shooting game, floor game, AR trampling, AR climbing, AR fishing, Magic painting.. suitable to many children locations, such as children park, kindergarten, school, restaurant, hotel. These new technology gives children more fun and also some education and training.

Our VR series products: VR 4-person pop-up shop, VR self-service arcade, VR 4-person shootout, VR motorcycle, VR racing car, 9D 3-person cinema, 720° rotating aircraft, etc. We can provide customers with a variety of the latest VR products, and can also provide customers with the entire output program of the VR park. Our direct-operated VR experience stores can provide customers with all-round guidance and assistance including storefronts, equipment, staff, online and offline marketing, etc.

Park RidesOver the years, we have been practicing and accumulating in the cultural, tourism and entertainment industry, allowing us to customize high-standard products and projects for customers. With more than 10 years of dedicated efforts, we have developed more than 100 different high technology entertainment products, exported our products to more than 80 overseas countries, and help our customers build up more than 300 successfully operated indoor and outdoor amusement parks.

We have helped more than 1000 customers build their VR/AR theme parks.
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VR Virtual Reality Simulate Machine Manufacture, VR theme park, VR Equipment one-stop solution.
VR Arcade Amusement Park VR Equipment one-stop solution.
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AR Sports Theme Park.
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