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Indoor All In One Interactive Projection

Indoor All In One Interactive Projection

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Children Indoor Interactive Crazy Magic Ball Game Popular Interactive Wall Children Game


Products Description

All-IN-ONE interactive projector perfectly combines projector smart infrared sensor system and android host computer in its small body, very convenient to operate and space-saving.
Only need to power on, we can choose games by remote controller to play the game.
There are 50 pcs games to meet players' requirements at different ages, such as airplane war, sea animal fighting, zombie, desert monster, dinosaur and other carton games etc.

Detailed Specification

Projection area 3*2 M
Product Size 34.5*26.1*16.82CM
Weight 3.86 KG 
Voltage 100-240V AC(50/60Hz)
Power 360W
Resolution 3300 Lumens
Projector + Host Computer + Infrared Sensor System 1 Set
Controller 1 PC
Cable 1 Set
Game 50 PCs

Features of All-in-One Projection 

    1. All-in-one design, easy and convenient for package and installation
    2. Accurate catching device brings players smooth game experience
    3. 50pcs rich and different games suitable for players at different ages
    4. One button for power on, easy for operation
    5. More than 50pcs 3D interactive special effects, support payment to update more games

    Application Areas



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